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Shooting Range



We pride ourselves on being London's only Airsoft shooting range, whether you are a complete beginner or just want to try something different. Our extensive and constantly changing selection of Rifles, SMGs and Pistols means you will always see something new to try!

Please call us at 020 3689 2072 to book a place *deposit required*


Kids Package

Electric Pistol (2 Magazines)

Electric Powered Rifle (1 Magazine)

Lightweight and without recoil which is great for under 6's wanting to get a taste for Airsoft

approx. 120 Rounds


Advanced Package

Gas Blow Back Pistol (2 Magazines)

Electric Powered Rifle (1 Magazine)

Ideal for beginners who are new to Airsoft

approx. 150 Rounds


Special Forces Package

Gas Blow Back Pistol (3 Magazines)

Electric Powered Rifle (1 Magazine)

Gas Blow Back Rifle (2 Magazines)

For players who would like to use more specialised and unique rifles

approx. 300 Rounds


Professional Training Package

Custom Blow Back Pistols (4 Magazines)

Electric Powered Rifle (2 Magazines)

Custom Blow Back Rifles (3 Magazines)

The ultimate package for one, includes more magazines and custom built rifles and pistols

approx. 565 Rounds



HIRE WHOLE RANGE (max. 2 people)

£100 for 1 hour

A unique personalised experience for two.

Use a larger selection of guns compared to the previous packages

approx. 2000+ Rounds


HIRE SINGLE LANE (max. 2 people)

£20 for 30 minutes

BRING your own Guns, Gas and Ammunition

LARGE GROUP BOOKING (Minimum 6 people)

Gas Blow Back Pistol (2 Magazines) PRACTICE MODE

Electric Powered Rifle (1 Magazine) SHOT TIMER SCORE / SEARCH & DESTROY TIMED SCORE

Gas Blow Back Rifle (1 Magazine) ACCURACY TEST

£20 per person

£25 per person with a drink from Music & Beans

Score card given to each person at the end