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    Airsoft Innovations 40 Mike Gas Magnum Shell

    Description: CNC Aluminium construction   Loads up to 150 BBs, fires them all in 1/3 of a second   10ft spread at 100ft   Designed for Green Gas or Propane only   Drop safe up to 6ft   Package Includes: 40 Mike Gas...

    MSRP: £59.99
    Was: £59.99
    Now: £49.99
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    Airsoft Innovations Cyclone Resupply Kit

      Description: Spare parts for the Airsoft Innovations Cyclone grenade Package Includes: • 3x Cyclone Pins • 3x Cyclone Spoons • 3x Waterproof Skins (FDE, Zombie Green & Yellow)  

    Was: £12.99
    Now: £10.83
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    AI XL Burst Resupply Kit

    Description: Resupply kit for Airsoft Innovations XL Burst grenade Package Includes: 3x XL Pull Pins 3x Fill Valve Bands 60x Burst Elements

    MSRP: £14.99
    Was: £14.99
    Now: £12.49
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    Airsoft Innovations XL Burst

    Goes off with a 125 db bang Gas primed impact grenade Alloy construction Orange thin burst disks to help you find them easier in low light situations Package Includes: XL Burst Impact Grenade 30 burst disks and clear carry box 30WT Grenade Oil 3x...

    MSRP: £42.99
    Was: £42.99
    Now: £35.83